When things don’t go my way… Happy Valentines Day

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1_MG_4048_croppedSTEP 1: Plan a unique Valentines Day for my husband

STEP 2: Be really excited when he’s surprised

STEP 3: The Best Valentine’s Day EVER 2013

So step 1-3 was my plan, but as we all know, plans don’t always pan out. Hair done. Check. Nails done. Check. Cute dress. Got it, check. My husband would be so surprised to see my dressed up in my best all beautied up! I picked out a restaurant, Nik & Stef’s in Downtown LA, an inexpensive Happy Hour to start off our date. Then we would be off to see Backbeat, story about how the Beatles got together as a band. Our Valentines date would be  perfect… To top it off, I would surprise him with a night at a beautiful hotel in Downtown LA with a view. Everything was working out perfectly in my mind, my anticipation ran high.

4 days before Valentines day, I’m sick. My son gets sick. My husband gets sick.

Back to the drawing board… don’t book the hotel, probably no dinner and we’d be lucky if we could watch the show. Then came the day of celebration, my husband had to miss the show.

When things don’t go my way, I’m not in good spirits and the glass half full girl, starts getting a little negative! But thankfully, my amazing husband was still being cheerful, playful and trying to comfort me by telling me to make another date of it. It also helped to turn my focus on God and be honest with my feelings (though they were not good feelings). I prayed and let it go.

So, on actual V-day, we went to our favorite local restaurant Scardinos for dinner, which our table for 2 turned into 3 because babysitting fell through, so we had our son with us. It was not the Valentines day I expected, but I’m grateful for my husband, my best friend and the rock of my life. His kindness is one of the reasons I love him. That night at dinner, he showed a little act of kindness to someone else, and it made our Valentines Day memorable.

My Valentine’s Day card from my husband, he wrote,

“To a beautiful and amazing wife, I love you.”

And in returned at dinner, I let him know “I’m so glad that I’m married to you.”

Thank you God for blessing me with the gift of my husband…. humbling me to remember that my plans are not always the best plans.

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