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 first-25My cousin Carol asked me, “Want to camp out in front of Freebirds World Burrito overnight to win 1 year of burrito?”

I said, “YES! OF COURSE”

Before the camp out, Carol picked me up and drove me to the Freebirds near USC which marks the first time I’ve ever tasted a Freebird burrito. Knowing that the ingredients were grass fed beef, all natural chicken, fresh produce and ingredients made fresh every morning, I felt the LOVE behind the burrito already.

First choose the size of the burrito: hybrid, freebird, monster and super monster. Then select from 4 colorful tortillas including, spinach, flour, cayenne or wheat. Then you can fill your burrito with cilantro lime or Spanish rice, pinto or black beans, pico de gallo or tomatoes and a selection of specialty sauces unique to Freebird Burritos.

AND, the burrito was good. I like the meat and the soft tortilla. My favorite is getting ½ steak and ½ carnitas. The carnitas is so juicy and tasty. And just like that, Carol & I became Freebird Fanatics!

REDONDO BEACH, CA LOCATION (South bay South Center)
1509 Hawthorne Blvd,
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
(310) 214-4850

Carol and I got in line at 5am the day before the Freebirds Grand Opening and we were NUMBER 1 & NUMBER 2 in line! The first 25 people in line for the grand opening of the new Freebirds location in Redondo Beach, CA will be awarded 52 burritos, one burrito a week for a year.With our chairs, umbrellas, laptop, ipad, books, sleeping bags and the spirit of a FREEBIRD FANATIC, we roughed it for one night on the side walk in front of Freebirds. We met new friends and enjoyed the free food, music and free wifi outside the door.  My husband came to visit me in line at night and when he left, I slept like a baby on the sidewalk in my mummy sleeping bag.

The next morning, all 25 participants were given a Freebird Fanatic card that gives us a free burrito every week for 52 weeks.

STAY TUNED, it seems that Freebirds wants to move out to the West Coast, so if you check on their website there may be other grand openings near you! If you’ve never had Freebirds burrito, you need to check it out. It’s really nice knowing that they care about what’s in your food and provide the best quality ingredients.


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