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nancy-naturalMaternity is the new sexy?

In the old days, women would hide their prego belly because it was strange, unpleasant or viewed as ugly. I remember speaking with an older woman who told me that back in the day, women dressed to hide their belly during pregnancy.

Over the years, women have gain more independence, sense of individuality (without men) and an appreciation for being in their own skin. It’s amazing how women are made. Our bodies are stretched to bear children. It is also during pregnancy that nails, hair and skin improve as a result of changes in our bodies.

Having a baby growing inside gives a woman “joy” that cannot be explained, contributing to a beautiful glow!

In the last year, I’ve gotten a chance to take some maternity pictures. I would have my prego moms get their makeup and hair done, bring a few outfits and incorporate some fun props. We would shoot at locations that gives a warm and maternal feeling right in the South Bay Torrance and Palos Verdes areas. In one shoot, my girlfriend Nancy decided to be more daring and try some artistic shots showing off her belly. Pregnancy can be sexy and fun!

Check out some maternity photos! For more photos, go to www.jorodriguez.com



Love indoor photography because we get more privacy and the prego mom can feel at ease for the shoot. With a little music playing on Pandora, we can have a great time taking some fun pictures with the belly.


Entitled “Baby in Bloom” this photo was taken in Torrance Madrona Marsh. Love this gray background!

Below- pictures of Grace and Stephen at the Torrance Blvd. train tracks area. Spotted this perfect location for these pictures. It was a private little area. The trick to taking a picture here is to wait for the cars to pass by before taking the shot. The prego mom looks absolutely gorgeous in these photos.



Baby ultrasound in a photo is classic. Can’t forget those days when all you see of your child is on this little ultrasound where at first, you wonder what you are really looking at.

Below- my favorite location, Hermosa Beach. The sandy beaches of California at it’s best at Hermosa during sunset times is a warm and lovely backdrop to maternity photos. The beach always gives a natural look to the maternity photos.



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  1. “maternity is the new sexy?” Delete the question mark and put an exclamation mark! 🙂 Now that my baby is born and I”m no longer pregnant, I look back upon these unique maternity photos and am so glad to have them documented and celebrated.

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