unique maternity photography – south bay Torrance

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nancy-naturalMaternity is the new sexy?

In the old days, women would hide their prego belly because it was strange, unpleasant or viewed as ugly. I remember speaking with an older woman who told me that back in the day, women dressed to hide their belly during pregnancy.

Over the years, women have gain more independence, sense of individuality (without men) and an appreciation for being in their own skin. It’s amazing how women are made. Our bodies are stretched to bear children. It is also during pregnancy that nails, hair and skin improve as a result of changes in our bodies.

Having a baby growing inside gives a woman “joy” that cannot be explained, contributing to a beautiful glow! Continue reading »

maternity and baby photography- in Torrance, CA

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madison_announcement_640pixelsIt’s not every day that someone can say they LOVE what they do, and I’m so blessed that I can!

Growing up, all I wanted to do was something creative. But art school are not for asians kids. We are suppose to be lawyers, doctors and engineers, so I got a BA in Criminology and Law. But I think your passion leads you where it should go and a year ago, it lead me to  photography. It’s been a journey to learn how to take pictures, lighting, composition. Although it’s a challenge, I LOVE IT! I can do it all day long and never get tired of it.

This past few months, I was able to photograph two amazing women’s journey from pregnancy to being new moms. Not only did I find myself completely captivated by each woman’s love for their pregnant body, but I also saw them transform into mothers absolutely in love with their new baby! Continue reading »