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penzeys spices book

Week after week,  I would ask my husband, “Do you want spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner?”  The sound of my voice asking that question rings with a sense of boredom for me.

Then when I was over at a friend’s house for dinner and a playdate, her husband made the most delicious beef stew. I asked, “what is the secret ingredient?” They told me simply, it’s the chicago steak seasoning sold at Penzeys Spices. And that’s how I found this this store of exciting spices.
I stopped by Penzeys to find the steak seasoning and found myself amazed by all the different spices, seasoning and rubs. They have bottles of seasoning out for you to smell and see. It was an exploratory shopping trip for me. I signed up for their newsletter and within it are all the spices and recipes to go with it.

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