Madrona Marsh “Friday Fun”

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Free Toddler Program in Torrance, Madrona Marsh “Friday Fun”


Location:  3201 Plaza Del Amo, Torrance CA

Cost: Free but they would love a donation

For Stay at Home moms- what to do with an energetic toddler for FREE?
After moving to Torrance, CA, I found the most amazing children’s program at the Madrona Marsh. When you enter the Madrona Marsh center, you will enter the room with very hands on interactive area perfect for a curious toddler. There are microscopes where you can check out insects, eggs and other interesting things. Then, right by the reception area, there are little critters including frogs, turtles and snakes to check out. Walking further, you will see a drawing station with some books about natures and animals where your child can enjoy some down time coloring.

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