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entranceMy husband’s rule of thumb for restaurants is that it not only has to have good food, they must have quality of service. Scardinos a little family owned restaurant on Torrance Blvd. is our go to restaurant for all special occasions. Not only do we LOVE their food, but¬†we love this family owned business because they serve with integrity. The cute little italian restaurant is small but that’s what I like about it because it’s intimate. When my husband and I eat there, i feel like are in a close and warm environment. The waiters are all so friendly and the service is always excellent.

The food at Scardino’s are always made to order. We are served with the most fresh ingredients and amazing tasting cheese on every plate. It never feels too heavy when you eat the meal and it leaves you always wanting more.

Our favorite food at Scardinos

My husband Felix loves their spaghetti and meat balls, beef ravioli and lasagne. Felix finds his favorite dish and he doesn’t see why he should order anything else and take the risk of eating something he doesn’t like.

For me– I love their Risotto with spinach, mushroom and chicken. You have to add fresh cheese when the waiter offers some to you and as much as possible. The cheese addition is delicious! We’ve also tried the Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli and it’s really good. The Marguerite Pizza is a yummy appetizer.

Kids- They have kids meal and Eman usually likes spaghetti with meat sauce, lemonade or snapple and vanilla ice cream. All that for under $7. It’s pretty good.

So tonight, we will be celebrating my husband’s 41st bday at Scardinos. Can’t wait to take some great pictures of the food.














Business with Integrity

For those who care about who prepares the food. We booked Scardinos for Valentines day through Open Table, an online service that helps restaurants with marketing and reservations. On Valentines Day, we got a phone call from Scardinos that Open Table has over booked them and that we need to change our reservation. I was livid, but after speaking with the owner of Scardinos and letting her know that we are loyal customers and eat there often, she decided to treat us for dinner at the SAME TIME we booked . She was apologetic and just so nice about the whole situation. It’s nice to know that the owners of Scardinos runs their local business with integrity and honoring the reservation made, though it was really Open Table that made the mistake. I really appreciate what they did and have since then referred MANY to go eat at the restaurant.

This last photo sums up how we feel about the restaurant and it’s a statement that my husband created. See photo!


A photo of complete satisfaction! Usually we are so full after eating more than fits our stomachs and we head home for a nice long nap.

RESERVATIONS: Make sure you make a reservation before you go to the restaurant. There are limite seating in the restaurant so you may be waiting for hours if you don’t have a reservation.

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