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jane_portrait6Me + my Camera

Couldn’t resist not taking my camera along with me today when I was invited by my best friend (from High School) Jane to visit the Huntington Library in San Marino, CA. This botanical garden has a large variety of beautiful plant life from cactus gardens, Japanese gardens, indoor rain forest and so much more!

Colors splattered everywhere and I was completely inspired by the beauty of my surroundings. But today’s subject is not just the beautiful gardens, it was my friend Jane.  I had asked her to be my model for the day and she was “AWESOME!” Striking a pose was natural to her and it’s always fun to shoot someone who had both natural beauty and a fun-loving spirit.

Jane majored in photography in her undergrad studies and we shared her thoughts on photography as I was clicking away. We explored different combinations of shutter speed, f-stop and change up of backdrops. It was incredible to be able to find the perfect lighting and getting the pictures “just right.” So light under sunny, hazy or glooming day, I’m ready for you!

Check out some of the portrait photography I took today.


Below- jane + eman

Eman had so much fun with Auntie Jane who invited him and took him to the children’s garden. Thank you Jane for being an amazing model and sharing your love for nature with Eman and I. We loved it!

To see more of my portrait photography go to www.jorodriguez.com.


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  1. Jo! I love the colors and how you framed your subject! And I love the lighting of the set with the blue background!

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