Journey to Bethlehem – hosted by Journey of Faith

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Every year during Christmas times, Journey of Faith church located in Manhattan Beach would put on a spectacular experience called Journey to Bethlehem. The church parking lot has been transformed into the town of Bethlehem and there the story of Jesus’ birth is told in a little stable in the townn. While standing in line to enter into the town of Bethlehem, you will greeted by Roman guards, towns people and local musicians. Continue reading »

Mommie, “Ava is Number 1 and you are Number 2”

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eman_ava_profile_holiday_MG_4078I told my husband, this day was not suppose to come so soon. Just momemts ago, Eman would tell me, “You are the bestest mommie ever!” and not so soon after, Eman tells me, “Ava (his best friend from school) is now Number 1”. Eman started writing and drawing notes to Ava, when not so long ago, he loved drawing stick figures of me and him with a heart. Every day at school, he would deliberately hang his backback next to Ava’s backpack. Eman would always stay tune as to who I’m on the phone with, in case it was Ava’s mom, which means he gets to talk to her.

So parents, watch out! The day that your little one grows up and learned to “love” maybe sooner than you think. Honestly, there was a small bit of jealousy hearing that I’m no longer number 1 in his life, but on the second hand, perhaps I did well. I’ve taught my boy how to love another! My husband and I went to a positive parenting class and they told us our number one job as parents is “to get rid of our kids.” Teach them how to be independent.

Check out the little love birds for their winter photo session together!


Holiday Card Sessions

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One of the things I love about photography is that I get to be with people. I love people and it’s so much fun sharing a special time in their lives with them through taking their pictures. I value every new friendship I’ve made and all smile or laugher during our photo sessions. Although I’ve been tirelessly snapping pictures, processing and converting files, it has all been worth every minute.

Emanuel asked me, “Mommie, why are you always on the computer?” and I told him, “It’s what Mommie likes to do , take pictures for familes!” Very quickly, photography has become a main part of my life. Sometimes I sit at my computer and I get a little teary eyed (I know sappy!), but it’s real. I love what I do and I love re-telling the love story in every prego mom, baby, child and family. Every momemt is precious to me! Continue reading »

2012 Halloween – Pumpkin Carving

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2012_pumpkin_IMG_8076The idea of a pumpkin carving party sounds so fun. Beware parents of 5 or 6 year olds, you maybe the one to carve the pumpkin with a little supervisor tell you whaat to do. Supervised fun, teaching your kids a new art always takes a lot of work for the parent. However, it was fullfilling that they get to be a part of creating something. This year we carved a skeleton pumpkin. I think it turned out pretty good!


Eman sharing his Pumpkin Carving time with his best buddies!


Comikaze Expo – Los Angeles

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entranceMarvel comics, graphic novels, sci-fi, fantasy, gaming… all of these were foreign to me until I met my husband, a oober comic nerd! My son’s room is completely decorated with posters of Spider Man, Superman, Batman and sketches from comic artists. My 5 year old can recognize more comic book and sci-fi movie characters than he can the letters of the alphabet.

My husband loves going to the comic convention to expose Emanuel to the world of comics. Lucky me, I was invited to join the father-son activity this time around. To be honest, I was not thrilled to go at first, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprise. Continue reading »

Go to Revolving Sushi Restaurant

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entranceGatten Sushi
1530 W. Artesia blvd., Ste B-1
Gardena CA 90248

After having sushi at Gatten Sushi a week ago, I find myself always thinking about the sushi there. Thoughts of the lobster hand roll, seared salmon rolls, seared albacore roll and all the other styles of sushi can easily make my mouth water. Yes everyone, it’s that good!

I love new restaurants because they always have wonderful specials. Everyday of the week, there is a special type of roll. We went on wednesday and for that day, the special is $1.50 lobster hand roll. SUPER YUMMY. All the other rolls are really good too. Continue reading »

Queen’s Bakery – Costa Mesa, CA

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entranceQueen’s Bakery
2950 Grace Lane
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Girls, time to dress up and head over to Queen’s Bakery for tea time! Located in Costa Mesa, CA, is a brand new bakery where you can enjoy an afternoon tea with choice of salads, sandwiches and desserts. The little bakery has a lovely presentation with modern decor and fancy furniture.

My cousin and I visited the bakery because we had a “Tea for Two” coupon purchased through Travelzoo that included tea with scone, salad and a platter of sample sandwiches and dessert.  We tried two of the teas, I tried a herbal tea called “Berry Faire” and my cousin tried a green tea called “Cherry Rose”. We liked both the teas. The salad and the sampler platter were okay (not great). Continue reading »

Love, love, love

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One of my favorite people to photograph are people in love! The last 2 years, engagement photography has become such a popular thing. Many engaged couples enjoy dressing up and documenting their love story through photograph. Most couples start out being shy in front of the camera, but after a few shots, they gain confidence in the way they are looking and acting. It’s fun to find great backdrop locations, bring creative props and helping my clients to create a love story with who they are.

First couple- Jaime & Brad photographed at the train tracks, museum walls and old town Torrance, California
Story- young, fun, romantic

Jamie-+-Brad-109 Continue reading »

Importance of Creativity

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Perhaps you believe in the Big Bang Theory, evolution or in creation. There is something really beautiful about how we all came into being and how amazing the world is all around us. For me, I believe in a Creator. God the creator made all of us to be creative in our own ways. Talents come in many forms and I know that for some it can be cooking… or others it can be crafty things… wood work, whatever it maybe it’s important to have space to be creative. Continue reading »

Empathy- How to be a better listener

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holding-handsWhen I cannot find the answers to something, I usually go to my google search bar and type in what I wanted to know. Last night, I decided to type in, “How to be more empathetic.”

Marriage is not easy and when you add the stress of life changes and challenges, family, kids, transitions, stressful jobs.. well, let’s just say it’s not a walk in the park. I am an eternal optimist and I’ve always thought that marriage is teamwork. I can always count on my spouse to have my back in the good times and bad. I would expect the same for myself and I would always be there to be supportive. After all, isn’t that what we say in our vows?

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