My baby nephew’s 1st PHOTO SHOOT

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kylediaperMy little nephew, Kyle Cheng was born on 6/30/12 at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange! He was born 7 lbs 1 oz and 20 inches long. With a full head of hair, soft skin and red as a beet, he is a little happy camper. Mommie Jackie is resting at the hospital but the c-section went perfectly as expected.

Cory (oldest child) is excited for baby Kyle, but misses mom & dad while they stay at the hospital. Emanuel is keeping Cory preoccupied, so Cory’s little 2 year old mind is more interested in playing and less worried about being away from his parents.

It feels like not too long ago that my brother and I were just young adults, but now we are in our 30s with children. It’s amazing how time flies and how we are already raising a new generation of little ones. It’s definitely the blessing from God that Cory (even with a placenta abruption scare) was even born, and now Kyle (despite the placenta previa complication) is born a perfect little baby boy!



Full of excitement, most new parents are snapping many photos of their kids, but here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Lighting in the hospital tend to be dim, so turn on the lights in the room or open the blinds to the window, that will help with lighting

2. Details– photographers get paid because they are in tune with details and have an art to positioning, so think ahead and pose your baby. Take lots of cute pictures of hands and feet, poopie diaper, name tags, hospital room decor. These are all little details that you can treasure in the years to come in photo

3. Bring a few change of clothes of the baby– the first few days of life is precious, so style your baby with some cute clothes and hats!

4. Make-up for mom: most hospital pictures are taken without make-up as mom is recovering, but it doesn’t have to be. If new mom feel up to it, get washed up, put up  your hair and wear a little bit of makeup. This will create some beautiful memories without having to say, “I look terrible.”

5. Photographer- Shoot all angles: Take it from the left, right, top and bottom. Every perspective is worth attention.

I hope these little tips will help you with some beauitful photos of your baby and your new family!

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