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madison_announcement_640pixelsIt’s not every day that someone can say they LOVE what they do, and I’m so blessed that I can!

Growing up, all I wanted to do was something creative. But art school are not for asians kids. We are suppose to be lawyers, doctors and engineers, so I got a BA in Criminology and Law. But I think your passion leads you where it should go and a year ago, it lead me to  photography. It’s been a journey to learn how to take pictures, lighting, composition. Although it’s a challenge, I LOVE IT! I can do it all day long and never get tired of it.

This past few months, I was able to photograph two amazing women’s journey from pregnancy to being new moms. Not only did I find myself completely captivated by each woman’s love for their pregnant body, but I also saw them transform into mothers absolutely in love with their new baby!

As new moms, so proud of the “fruit of their labor”, they are excited to announce their baby to their family and friends. It was so much fun trying to take pictures, and even more fun trying to create some announcements that showcase the baby to the world. See some of the little announcments I created.


Above is Nancy, my best friend from college and her new baby Sawyer Mahan. Sawyer is so cute with his baby chub! Nancy says, “Hi Sunshine!” to Sawyer, and I can tell by her voice that she is so in love with her baby boy. Both Nancy & Sawyer are not camera shy, they just posed while I clicked, clicked and clicked away. Blessing to my best friend and her baby in many fun days ahead.


Above is Grace, Stephen and their new baby girl Madison. I met Grace and Stephen at Nancy’s baby shower and was given a chance to photograph their family. Through our baby shoot, Grace would say, “Oh Maddy!”. How enduring to have a cute little nice name for their 3 week old newborn. Baby girl just wnted to be held and did not like that we had to put her in different props on shoot. When daddie Stephen came home for the shoot, he said, “It’s only this time that she gets to show her shoulders for the shoot” and for the rest of her life, he’ll make sure she is protected!” What a lucky girl she is to have such wonderful parents.


It was not easy to find some vintage frames to make this baby announcement, but I found a Coffeeshop Mom blog where she created these vintage framed templates. It’s so cute to give a little vintage documenting a baby announcement.

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  1. Thanks Jo! My family looooved the photos of Sawyer and I can’t wait to print them out as gifts for them. You did an incredible job (you never cease to amaze me), even with the short amount of time we had. I’m so glad to have captured Sawyer during this young age. He’s growing up and changing so fast…*sigh*.
    Thanks again!

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