Ladies night out – Sushi & movies

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Kai Sushi Sports Bar
24215 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance CA


Happy hour sushi rolls for $6.99, I’m there! A few ladies and I decided to take a break from life and being mommies to relax over sake & sushi and head for a movie in the local AMC Rolling Hills 20 down the street.

On a budget mom still needs to have a good time and what better than to get a bite, catch up and some no interruption movie time. Some of us can’t even remember the last time we were able to enjoy a movie at the theaters after having children. But we all need a “Time Out”, a time to refresh and relax.

To be honest, I love sashimi (raw fish) and cut rolls are good (rolls have less fish on it) but it leaves me hanging, wishing for some yellow tail, albacore or salmon. But, the cut rolls are still very good and those are what’s $6.99 during happy hour. We ordered a few to try, the spider roll with soft shell crab, teriyaki chicken roll, salmon & tuna roll over California roll, a mango salad (just so-so), and some cucumber rolls. The sushi is basic with good presentation and taste pretty good.

I prefer plum wine over sake, but it was a good compliment to the sushi.  Sake and beer was 50% off during happy hour.




This place is a sports bar, so you can expect TVs with different sports games playing. It is great for those keeping an eye on scores of their favorite sport. Great deal and awesome service.

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