Journey to Bethlehem – hosted by Journey of Faith

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Every year during Christmas times, Journey of Faith church located in Manhattan Beach would put on a spectacular experience called Journey to Bethlehem. The church parking lot has been transformed into the town of Bethlehem and there the story of Jesus’ birth is told in a little stable in the townn. While standing in line to enter into the town of Bethlehem, you will greeted by Roman guards, towns people and local musicians.

It feels like a blast to the past as the Roman guard ask me, “What is that you are holding that produces lightening, referring to my camera. Is it some sort of sorcery?” My son looks at the guard in awe of the armour! Some towns lady comes to give us shekels to be used to purchase what we want in the town.

As you enter Bethlehem, you will see a large camel, shepherds and their sheep. The town is completely decorated to look like the old days with towns people in their respective booths selling pastries, teaching metal work, pottery, brick making and many more activities. In a small stable in the town you have the opportunity to see Joseph and Mary with baby Jesus. There, the story of Mary, Joseph and birth of Jesus will be told.

The whole experience is not only very entertaining, but it’s a great way to re-live a part of history in a real way. It’s a perfect family outing for the evening. This event happens annually, so stay tune for the dates for next year. Check out some pictures from this year!

Journey of Faith
1243 Artesia Blvd.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

For more information on their event for next year go to


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