Family Photography- Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, CA

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It was so exciting to do a family shoot at my favorite resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, Terranea Resort. Friends of mine were having a surprise family photo shoot at the perfect location that has a panoramic ocean view, awesome spots with modern furniture and lots of greenery on property. Everyone in the family were in great spirits and we had fun on shoot.


A few things that I learned about photographing a family.

1. SNAP AWAY! Make sure you snap a few more photos because you never know if one person in the family blinked or was looking the wrong direction. The small screen on the camera is only 3.5″ and it may not show all the details.

2. FINAL PRODUCT! Think about the final product you are going after. Sometimes because it’s so fun to shoot that you may loose sight of the final product. Always have your final product in mind, so you don’t waste time on taking photos that may just be pretty, but doesn’t deliver the final product.

3. SPEAK UP! Don’t be afraid of making your clients pose a little longer to get the perfect shot. You are being paid for a “picture perfect” shot so it takes time to frame the photo, pose the client and get the artsy factors all in there.

I learned a lot from this family shoot and I hope that you’ll find these little pointers helpful to you.









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