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entranceMarvel comics, graphic novels, sci-fi, fantasy, gaming… all of these were foreign to me until I met my husband, a oober comic nerd! My son’s room is completely decorated with posters of Spider Man, Superman, Batman and sketches from comic artists. My 5 year old can recognize more comic book and sci-fi movie characters than he can the letters of the alphabet.

My husband loves going to the comic convention to expose Emanuel to the world of comics. Lucky me, I was invited to join the father-son activity this time around. To be honest, I was not thrilled to go at first, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprise.

Stan Lee, the original creator of the marvel comics (along with other creative minds) created comic conventions for comic enthusiast. The largest comic convention, Comic Con (in San Diego) became so popular in the last few years that entry tickets are high and often sold out. But the Comikaze’s creator wanted to offer an economic way for comic fans to enjoy the same environment for a fraction of the cost at only $5 entry fee. The Comikaze convention was filled with vendors selling comic books, comic artists promoting their work, sale of costumes and screen t-shirts with popular logos.  Large gaming area of both video games and card games took up a quarter of the convention center, with players intensely focused on their games.  Unique props, signed comic books, trinkets and memorabilia were sold in many booths, each displaying something different from the next booth. A much anticipated part of the convention is also seeing attendees dressed up in costumes portraying their favorite comic book or sci-fi characters. Many come to take pictures with these hard core comic lovers in their very expensive and well put together outfits.


Despite my hesitation in going to the Comikaze Expo, I did enjoy a few things from the experience. Goes without saying that there is really something for everyone there, even if  you are new to the world of comics. I would like to share a few highlights from my trip.

1.  I fell in love with a artist & illustrator – nidhi chanani. Her graphic art warms my heart and brings a smile to my face. She draws these cute couples in fun-romantic settings, while other drawings portray a free spirit girls in wonderful settings. On her website you will also find kids illustrations with animals playing in the wild. Definitely have to check out her work and I’m sure you’ll fall in love too!

Website: and

2. “How did he do that?” is what I thought when I saw these pumpkins with portrait carvings of famous characters in films. The product speaks for itself with jaw dropping response to the first look at it. See the photos of artist who carved the pumpkins with his work.


Lastly, taking photos of all the people in the convention and getting a chance to spend time with my family was fun. Check out some of the comic book characters we saw.





FYI: For those with young children, some content and products sold at the convention could be rated for teenagers and adults. While being at the convention with my five year old, I steered his attention to material appropriate to his age. So 2013 at the Los Angeles Convention center, Comikaze will be back! If you missed this year, check out their website for updates of other events to come.



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