Studio Baby Photography – Torrance, CA

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Having baby photos taken is a wonderful way to celebrate milestones in your baby’s life. I enjoy capturing the baby smile, giggle, yawn, stretch and whatever silly gesture that comes about. Every move is worth capturing to remember a special time in your child’s life. After I had my son Emanuel, I remember my camera being my best friend. I would take a picture of everything and every move. It’s so fun to look back at those memories.

Tips for parents preparing their child for a photo session

1. Babies are great after a nap! Make sure your child is well rested before a photo session

2. Make sure baby is well fed before the session so baby is in good spirits

3.  Allow your child to be himself/herself. When I take pictures, i encourage parents to sing, dance, clap and enjoy making their baby smile. If the baby is tired or not in me mood, take a break. Genuine smiles make a great photo!

Check out some photos from a baby session recently.


_MG_6941 _MG_6651

Holiday Card Sessions

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One of the things I love about photography is that I get to be with people. I love people and it’s so much fun sharing a special time in their lives with them through taking their pictures. I value every new friendship I’ve made and all smile or laugher during our photo sessions. Although I’ve been tirelessly snapping pictures, processing and converting files, it has all been worth every minute.

Emanuel asked me, “Mommie, why are you always on the computer?” and I told him, “It’s what Mommie likes to do , take pictures for familes!” Very quickly, photography has become a main part of my life. Sometimes I sit at my computer and I get a little teary eyed (I know sappy!), but it’s real. I love what I do and I love re-telling the love story in every prego mom, baby, child and family. Every momemt is precious to me! Continue reading »

Love, love, love

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One of my favorite people to photograph are people in love! The last 2 years, engagement photography has become such a popular thing. Many engaged couples enjoy dressing up and documenting their love story through photograph. Most couples start out being shy in front of the camera, but after a few shots, they gain confidence in the way they are looking and acting. It’s fun to find great backdrop locations, bring creative props and helping my clients to create a love story with who they are.

First couple- Jaime & Brad photographed at the train tracks, museum walls and old town Torrance, California
Story- young, fun, romantic

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Family Photography- Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, CA

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It was so exciting to do a family shoot at my favorite resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, Terranea Resort. Friends of mine were having a surprise family photo shoot at the perfect location that has a panoramic ocean view, awesome spots with modern furniture and lots of greenery on property. Everyone in the family were in great spirits and we had fun on shoot.


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My baby nephew’s 1st PHOTO SHOOT

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kylediaperMy little nephew, Kyle Cheng was born on 6/30/12 at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange! He was born 7 lbs 1 oz and 20 inches long. With a full head of hair, soft skin and red as a beet, he is a little happy camper. Mommie Jackie is resting at the hospital but the c-section went perfectly as expected.

Cory (oldest child) is excited for baby Kyle, but misses mom & dad while they stay at the hospital. Emanuel is keeping Cory preoccupied, so Cory’s little 2 year old mind is more interested in playing and less worried about being away from his parents.

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The First Year Photography – Torrance, CA

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1-IMG_1641_handsAs a new mom, all you want to do is take as many pictures of your baby before he/she grows up. The first year is precious.

For portrait photography, I love using my 50mm F1.8 lens. It a great lens for portraits because it is able to keep the subject sharp and blur out the background. It works well under low light and I use it all the time for taking portraits.

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Portrait Shoot – Los Angeles

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jane_portrait6Me + my Camera

Couldn’t resist not taking my camera along with me today when I was invited by my best friend (from High School) Jane to visit the Huntington Library in San Marino, CA. This botanical garden has a large variety of beautiful plant life from cactus gardens, Japanese gardens, indoor rain forest and so much more!

Colors splattered everywhere and I was completely inspired by the beauty of my surroundings. But today’s subject is not just the beautiful gardens, it was my friend Jane.  I had asked her to be my model for the day and she was “AWESOME!” Striking a pose was natural to her and it’s always fun to shoot someone who had both natural beauty and a fun-loving spirit.

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unique maternity photography – south bay Torrance

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nancy-naturalMaternity is the new sexy?

In the old days, women would hide their prego belly because it was strange, unpleasant or viewed as ugly. I remember speaking with an older woman who told me that back in the day, women dressed to hide their belly during pregnancy.

Over the years, women have gain more independence, sense of individuality (without men) and an appreciation for being in their own skin. It’s amazing how women are made. Our bodies are stretched to bear children. It is also during pregnancy that nails, hair and skin improve as a result of changes in our bodies.

Having a baby growing inside gives a woman “joy” that cannot be explained, contributing to a beautiful glow! Continue reading »

maternity and baby photography- in Torrance, CA

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madison_announcement_640pixelsIt’s not every day that someone can say they LOVE what they do, and I’m so blessed that I can!

Growing up, all I wanted to do was something creative. But art school are not for asians kids. We are suppose to be lawyers, doctors and engineers, so I got a BA in Criminology and Law. But I think your passion leads you where it should go and a year ago, it lead me to  photography. It’s been a journey to learn how to take pictures, lighting, composition. Although it’s a challenge, I LOVE IT! I can do it all day long and never get tired of it.

This past few months, I was able to photograph two amazing women’s journey from pregnancy to being new moms. Not only did I find myself completely captivated by each woman’s love for their pregnant body, but I also saw them transform into mothers absolutely in love with their new baby! Continue reading »