How to love your child?

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parenting from inside outParenting from Inside Out by Daniel Siegel & Mary Hartzell

Child psychiatrist Daniel J Sigel, M.D., and early childhood development expert Mary Hartzell M.E.D co-author a book based in the latest research on how different upbringing as children affect the way we parent. Based on the attachment theories and finds on how the relationships between child and parents are directly related to the development of the brain.

The book has fun stories of how we’ve all found ourselves parenting the way we never thought we would and offer new approaches towards parenting.  I read and re-read this book as it offers many tips that take time to practice. I would find other parents to discuss this book together to get the most out of it. Pick it up, it’s a good read and worth it for parents to invest time in thinking through how parenting is done, NOT in the heat of the moment when your child isn’t doing what you wish they would.

Highly recommended!

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