When Things Don’t Go My Way- Part II

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_MG_2176I’m TURNING 34 this Sunday! Starting to feel like I better do all the athletic things that I want to do in the 30s, and bracing myself for the years where everything aches and i no longer care to take fitness risks. So, for my 34th birthday, I planned a BIG BEAR snowboarding trip. Went straight to Big Bear Mountains deal and found myself a $269 dollar package that includes 2 nights in a cabin (2 miles) from the Snow Summit/Bear Mountain, plus 2 weekday lift ticket.

I’m a planner, I like to map things out and plan it ahead of time. However, as much as I can plan my events, I cannot stop my family from getting sick! Much like Valentines day, my husband is sick and cannot come on the trip with us. It’s Thursday and Eman has a small cough. ThisĀ morning, IĀ  called into Big Bear to see if I can reschedule. Luckily they are flexible.

All that is to say, “man can plan his ways, but it’s God that directs the path.” Remembering that God ultimately knows all things. It’s important to hold things loosely when we make plans because sometimes things don’t turn out the way we envision. Life has been different since putting God in the center of how I see circumstances. I no longer focus on myself, my needs, my wants, rather as my mentor says, “put others first.”

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