On the Move

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south-bay-beachesLuck has it that my family moves every 2-3 years. Two years ago, my family moved from Orange County, CA to Torrance, CA because the location of the South Bay is easily assessable to all the local freeways like the 405, 110, 91. It made sense to shorten our commute to work in LA by moving closer to my husband job.

Whenever I move to a new city as a parent, I’m always on a look out for the local community activities. First place I hit, the nearest public library. Every city has their community program flyers and brochures laid out at the libraries for the public’s use. When I moved to Torrance, I found a book called SEASONS. It’s the recreation and public class guide. Within the SEASONS booklet, you’ll find classes for children and adults which include sports, swim and toddler classes all for affordable prices.

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