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Having baby photos taken is a wonderful way to celebrate milestones in your baby’s life. I enjoy capturing the baby smile, giggle, yawn, stretch and whatever silly gesture that comes about. Every move is worth capturing to remember a special time in your child’s life. After I had my son Emanuel, I remember my camera being my best friend. I would take a picture of everything and every move. It’s so fun to look back at those memories.

Tips for parents preparing their child for a photo session

1. Babies are great after a nap! Make sure your child is well rested before a photo session

2. Make sure baby is well fed before the session so baby is in good spirits

3.  Allow your child to be himself/herself. When I take pictures, i encourage parents to sing, dance, clap and enjoy making their baby smile. If the baby is tired or not in me mood, take a break. Genuine smiles make a great photo!

Check out some photos from a baby session recently.


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