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Start Your Own Blog!There are two ways to start your own blog:

  1. Register with a blogging website such as,, etc…
  2. Start your own website with your own domain name!

Free vs Paid

You can get started with blogging websites free of charge. Some websites may place advertising on your blog, may charge you for additional storage space, or have other upgrade options. For the most part, getting started is always free.

There are initial costs to starting a blog with your own domain name and web hosting. You can register your domain name with for around $9.99 per year. GoDaddy also offers hosting packages starting at $4.99 per month. I’m using now for hosting and it’s $8.95 a month with a 2 week free trial with unlimited storage space and bandwidth, the amount of data transfer per month.

Setting Up

Getting setup with a blogging website is relatively easy. You just need to fill out some basic information and you’re ready to blog.

It’s slightly more complicated setting up your own domain name and web hosting. It’s not rocket science and I can usually get this done in less than 10 minutes.


Blogs using blogging websites are not transferable and has no value. Let’s say you’ve signed up for The blog you create will not have its own domain name. Instead, you will be given a sub-domain that looks like “”. Blogging is very time exhaustive. You’ll spend lots of time thinking of what to write, actually writing the posts, finding, taking and editing pictures, and marketing the website on a daily basis. You don’t want to spend all this time and energy on a website that is virtually not yours and has no transferable value.

Registering your own domain name is transferable and contains value. Let’s say you’ve spent many hours on a website developing a very successful blog on a certain topic. Your accomplishments are worth money and you can sell this website and domain. In fact, domain names are being sold every minute on auction websites like


Blogs using blogging websites are not very versatile. You are limited to the amount of features and functions given to you.

Having your own domain name and hosting, there is virtually no limit to the amount of functions and features on your blog.

My Advice & Conclusion

If you’re going to start a blog, start your own blog with your own domain name and hosting! Although this option has its initial costs (not much), a completed blog or website is usually worth much more. So if you’ve thought things through and you’re serious about blogging, start by thinking of a domain name and getting it registered.

Starting a blog with a blogging website is like starting a business using someone else’s company name and office. It’s great at the beginning because everything is setup for you. However, as you become more successful, you’ll want to register your own company name and rent your own office. So why not get started the right way in the first place?

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