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All of us girls here LOVE the healing and therapeutic properties of essential oils. But since we’re all about keepin’ it real …
we’re really just obsessed with stuff that smells good. REALLY GOOD.


For our last Holy Yoga Selah retreat, we made some yummy sugar scrubs and bath salts for our guests to take home and enjoy.  They are so easy to make, yet so indulgent to use. Have fun experimenting with different sugars, base oils, & essential oils.  And quality does count since the skin is the body’s largest organ. Use organic sugars & base oils, and high quality essential oils.

We LOVE doTerra oils which are organic & therapeutic grade.

Basic Sugar Scrub Recipe
two parts sugar
turbinado sugar is nice-but white sugar is just fine.
one part oil
almond, olive, & grapeseed are good choices
essential oils

for our Purify Sugar Scrub Recipe
doTerra essential oils of Lemon & Peppermint

* next week we will share our salt bath soak recipe.

Written by Guest Blogger: Tasha Anderson

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