Must have Swimming Aid for Toddlers

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Summer is just around the corner and speaking to many parents, they want their toddlers to learn how to swim. Swimming is a survival skill and it’s hard to feel safe with your child around water when they don’t know how to swim.


But wait, help is on the way! Two years ago, while on travel in Pennsylvania, I saw a little toddler in what I found out to be the Stearns Deluxe Puddle Jumper Child Life Jacket. The comfortable little swimming aid is easy to slip on and it keeps your child’s head “just” right out the water as they are swimming. My little 3 year old at the time I bought it can use that to swim anywhere around the pool staying afloat. It helps your child to get comfortable with the water and at the same time enjoy their time in the water, making them believe they are almost swimming.

I’ve tried a lot of floatation things for my toddler including the pumped up arm floaters, the fully body suit with floaters and anything you see on sale at Toys R Us, Target, Supermarkets and sports stores and the Stearn Puddle Jumper is the best. The floater in the front completely supports your child bring balance while in water. The child can be completely at ease knowing that they are safe after having the product on him/her. The product can be used for child up to 50 lbs. The cost is around $20 at a Wal-mart and $22.99 on So moms, get it for your child while they are learning to swim.

This year, my son is 4 and he’s still using it. He’s started to lean forward and try to doggie paddle and kick water to move himself from one side of the pool to another. It’s a great way for your child to learn how to swim and it’s the best floating aid thing for toddlers on the market.

So, it’s hard to find this product anywhere exact at Wal-mart. It’s usually not in the swimming section, rather in the sports section. You should take a picture of it before trying to head to the store. My brother bought it today for my nephew and at 2 years old, he was able to swim around the pool by himself.

You can also purchase the product on amazon at

For the girl version with the full body suit, check out



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