Mommie, “Ava is Number 1 and you are Number 2″

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eman_ava_profile_holiday_MG_4078I told my husband, this day was not suppose to come so soon. Just momemts ago, Eman would tell me, “You are the bestest mommie ever!” and not so soon after, Eman tells me, “Ava (his best friend from school) is now Number 1″. Eman started writing and drawing notes to Ava, when not so long ago, he loved drawing stick figures of me and him with a heart. Every day at school, he would deliberately hang his backback next to Ava’s backpack. Eman would always stay tune as to who I’m on the phone with, in case it was Ava’s mom, which means he gets to talk to her.

So parents, watch out! The day that your little one grows up and learned to “love” maybe sooner than you think. Honestly, there was a small bit of jealousy hearing that I’m no longer number 1 in his life, but on the second hand, perhaps I did well. I’ve taught my boy how to love another! My husband and I went to a positive parenting class and they told us our number one job as parents is “to get rid of our kids.” Teach them how to be independent.

Check out the little love birds for their winter photo session together!


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