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wheres-my-water-logoWhere’s My Water? By Disney

Meet Swampy the alligator that needs water to take a bath in somewhere down under. It’s your child’s job to dig through the soil, locate the correct pipe and try to fill as many ducks with water before getting the water to swampy. This puzzle game is amazing! My son spends hours and proudly announces each level he is able to solve.

There are over 200 levels and you have to unlock each story which opens to more levels. My son is 4 and he’s really getting the game. The new levels bring new challenges with poison, fans, switches, triggers and much more.

The game is only $0.99 and its genius! I love playing this game with my son and it’s not easy even for adults!

Find it now on your app store or on itunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wheres-my-water/id449735650?mt=8


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