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Adding Apples HD

Adding can be so much fun when little green and red apples roll out and you can count them. A number pad appears on the screen and your child can decide what numbers from 1 -9 to add together. For example, you can add 9 plus 9. Then 9 apples will roll out in one color and then 9 apples roll out in another color. As you count, you can tap on the apples one at a time and they turn purple indicating that it’s been counted.

My son’s adding skills have improved so much counting into the teen numbers because of this little app that was downloaded for free one day. Right now you can down it for only $0.99.

Recommended for age 3+

Download it at your app store or find it on itunes itunes.apple.com/us/app/adding-apples-hd/id464881662?mt=8

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