How do I choose what domain name to register?

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This is a tough question to answer and to be honest, I don’t have an exact formula for you. Instead, I can give you an idea of how I like to choose a domain name.

General Blogs

The first question I ask myself is “what am I going to use this domain name for?”. For general purpose domains where the blog doesn’t have a specific keyword I’m focusing on, I like to go with a memorable .com domain name that has reference to your blog topics. For example, is memorable (i think) and has “mom” in the domain since it’s a mom blog. To see if a certain domain name exist, goto and enter your the domain name into the search box.

If there is a domain name you really want, you can consider registering the .net or .org versions. However, I would just come up with a variation of the .com domain name by changing the words around or adding a suffix. For example, if you really want the domain name but it has been registered, you can consider rearranging the words like or adding a suffix like or

Niche Blogs and Exact Match Domains

If your blog has a specific topic focused on a niche, I would try for an Exact Match Domain or EMD for short. EMDs are domain names that match the subject of your niche. For instance, if you’re starting a blog on losing weight, your ideal domain name is Exact match domains are great because they carry search engine optimization (SEO) value. That is, would likely rank very high (even #1) for the search term “losing weight” in major search engines with little work.

However, since good EMDs are often hard to find since they have all been registered, you’ll need to spend some time doing research. Don’t bother looking for obvious EMDs that have been registered such as or Instead, you should find longer 3-5 word keyword phrases that still have search traffic.

For example, it is likely that the search term “diamond rings” has 10 million searches per month. However, we know has already been taken. It’s also very obvious that competing to reach the top of Google for keyword “diamond rings” is nearly impossible. Therefore, instead of joining the fight with large diamond retailers, we want to find a longer phrase to focus on such as “where to buy diamond rings” where it may have 100,000 monthly searches. Now, it’s nowhere near the 10 million mark, but 100,000 is not bad (that’s more than 3,000 per day!). Hence, if you own and spend time building a website or blog, you’ll likely get high rankings for this search phrase in search engines. For those building websites for leisure, you’re guaranteed an audience. For those looking to make money, traffic often times translate to money if you know how to monetize and convert.

I’m not going to get any further into exact match domains in this article or how to make money from this because this will take several articles to cover. There are some important concepts in this article especially for beginners. I suggest reading it over again and staying tuned for future articles to come.

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