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Strength. Beauty. Wisdom.

These are words I think of when I think of Tasha. I was blessed to have a chance to take pictures of Tasha in a Catalyst session and was invited to participate in a Holy Yoga Session at Saddleback Church, Lake Forrest.

CATALYST SESSION- As I was photographing Tasha, it was like watching someone do a dance. The yoga poses come so naturally to her, with such strength, control and calmness. I had to stop and ask Tasha, “How long have you been doing this?” It’s so wonderful that God has given her such an amazing ability to lead yoga students into their practice of yoga and into a place of worshipping God, all at the same time.  Here are some photos from the session that will make you want to learn from her!



I’ve done yoga before and to me, it was always strange to do yoga with music where I don’t understand the lyrics. But in Holy Yoga, I can enjoy Christian music that focuses on Jesus. Tasha leads us through each yoga pose and surrounding the time of practice and meditation on the Word of God. Each breathe, each move and every moment during the practice was worship. The practice ends with a light shoulder massage from the instructor, ending with a great sense of relaxation. It was such a treat to be in Tasha’s class and experience God through fitness, prayer and  meditation. If you live in the OC and have never done Holy Yoga before, you must stop by one of Tasha’s classes. Below is her schedule of classes. I felt blessed being there!

Instructor: Tasha Anderson-tashaa@holyyoga.net
Monday- Holy Yoga Flow Level 1/2
              Saddleback Church-Lake Forest
              The Refinery Gym-Class is Free

Tuesday-Holy Yoga Flow Level 1-2

               Location-The Garage-Irvine           

Wednesday-Holy Yoga Flow Level 1-2
              Location-The Garage-Irvine
*The Garage Irvine is located in South Irvine, near University High School and UCI.

for directions or to reserve your spot (949) 228-4851 or tashaa@holyyoga.net

1 class per week-*$50 for 6 week session.
2 classes per week-*$75.00 for 6 week session
Drop in Fee-$10 per class ***fees are suggested donations

For  more information about Holy Yoga in the OC, please visit her website www.holyyogaoc.com.


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