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God is amazing, as I’m seeking His will first and following my passion for photography, it has lead me to a place where LIFE, PASSION and MINISTRY come together in a perfect fit. What is Catalyst? A Catalyst for me is a SPARK! Something that sparks and brings to life a new thing!

In the last 2 weeks as I’m struggling to see photography as a career, God brought into my life a new idea (through the advice of an amazing Holy Yoga instructor, Joan Jahng) that I should take pictures of women doing Holy Yoga. Holy Yoga is an amazing practice and ministry centered around Christ. Through listening to Christian music, meditating on scripture and doing yoga poses with the focus on the Lord, you can both get the exercise your body needs, but also feed the soul that hungers to be filled with God’s truth and healing.

So it started, a SPARK! Catalyst a photo session for women who wants to have pictures taken of them doing yoga and also at the same time express themselves in their own unique way. This photo session celebrates God’s creation through beautiful yoga form and poses, but that’s not all, you also get to express yourself in the way God has crafted and made you.

As I’ve been shooting Catalyst sessions, I felt that the Holy Spirit reminding me that it’s a struggle for women to see themselves as beautiful and wonderfully made by the Lord when in front of the camera. It’s so easy to let the devil take away our sense of self worth when you are put in front of the camera. In response to God’s leading, I felt that before each session, it’s important to pray and ask God for help. God’s word and prayer will give each women encouragement and the strength to face the camera with FREEDOM, BEAUTY and and to BELEIVE that God sees us beautiful in his sight.

I’m so grateful! Ministry and passion, coming together for HIS PURPOSE and GLORY. It’s a privilege to be able to serve, encourage and bless my photography clients with the gift of prayer and God’s word. God’s beauty that surpasses words, Brooke in love with the Lord.


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